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Utility Room Sign - Acrylic Plastic

Utility Room Sign - Acrylic Plastic

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Utility Room Sign, Authorized Personnel Only Sign 

  • Sign Post Purpose: Utility Room Sign with Adhesive Tape on the back can be mounted on any flat surface. Sign post can be used for indoor and outdoor purposes.
  • Uses: Great for commercial, residential, and community for construction sites.
  • High Quality: Black Plastic on Double Sided Tape Sign is Perfect for longevity, and protects your business and your customers.
  • Wording: Wording is protected from weather and abuse. Graffiti can easily be cleaned off. Laminated signs outlast competitive unlaminated or overcoated signs.
  • Perfect Size: We have carefully designed this door sign, considering every aspect. This unique size gives the ability for the wording to stand out and be easily understood.
  • Easy Mounting: Authorized Personnel Only has a strong double-sided adhesive on the back. It Installs securely on any surface outdoor or indoor – Drywall, Sheetrock, Brick, Concrete, Glass, etc.

A simple and Sleek design can be mounted on the door, wall, glass, or any other flat surface. Great for new developments, commercial projects, residential areas, or anywhere else this may be required.


  • Clear Text
  • Simple Design 
  • Protection Against Damage 
  • Resists Water 
  • Withstands Tough Areas


All signs adopt professional waterproof technology to ensure that the sign can withstand heavy rain and storm, even extreme weather. There's a layer of UV and dust on the surface, so you don't have to worry about getting dirty, words won't fade in direct sunlight, and our hard-plastic logo won't rust.

● This plastic sign is 9” wide and 3" in height
● Provides great visibility from a fair distance
● Perfect for visibility from a distance

All signs come with double-sided tape on the back holes for easy installation on any flat surface. Peel and stick onto the window, wall, sheetrock, wood fence, etc.

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